About Us


Fort Branch – Johnson Township Public library is made up of two locations serving Union and Johnson Townships. The main library resides in Fort Branch at 107 E. Locust Street, and the other branch is located in Haubstadt at 101 W. Gibson Street. Fort Branch opened in 1917 and is a Carnegie Library.  Haubstadt was able to open a small library behind Town Hall in 1982, and then built a brand new building across the street in 2013.  At the end of 2019, Fort Branch library moved from the Carnegie Library, next door into the Learning Center.   


Patrons who get a library card with Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Libraries are able to utilize both Fort Branch and Haubstadt Libraries and are encouraged to come to events hosted by both.


Both libraries offer programs for all ages,  and we are always trying to add new programs and grow our collections to offer the best experiences for our patrons!