About Us


Fort Branch – Johnson Township Public library serves both the Fort Branch and Haubstadt communities.  We have two locations:  Fort Branch Library (107 E. Locust St.) and Haubstadt Library (101 W. Gibson St.).  Fort Branch Public Library opened in 1917, and is a Carnegie Library.  Our Haubstadt branch, opened in 1982, was originally located behind the Haubstadt Town Hall, but relocated to a new building in 2013.  At the end of 2019, Fort Branch Library moved the library to the Learning Center building, and now uses the Carnegie as a computer lab, staff offices, genealogy, and study spaces.    


Patrons who get a library card with Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Libraries are able to utilize both locations, as well as our digital resources through Overdrive and Libby.


Both libraries offer programs for all ages,  and we are always trying to add new programs and grow our collections in order to offer the best experiences for our patrons and communities!