Online Research

Online Research

Genealogy research is such an important study. People want to know where they come from and where their roots are, and we try to do our best to help people do that. Our computer lab in the Fort Branch Carnegie Building is open Monday through Friday, same hours as the Fort Branch Library. Come in and we can help you get started! In the upper level of the Fort Branch Carnegie Building, we have the Fort Branch Paper on microfilm that can be utilized during your research. We also have several local Family Trees saved to flash-drives. Maybe some of the research has already been done for you! To the left there are links to other sites that will help you in your search.

Need legal documents?  See the Nuwav Legal Documents below!

Online Military Index & Records would be of interest to veterans and their families.  This site shows a variety of military records from photos to documents and contains other searchable databases.

Indiana Genealogy Collection is through the Indiana State Library site which includes all Indiana cemeteries complete with pictures and marriage, death and birth records.  The Indiana County Research Guide is a good place to start. The Indiana genealogy information on our State Library site has won awards for its usefulness.


The Family Search is a site associated with the Latter Day Saints, which contains one of the largest genealogy databases available.


Ancestry, the library edition, can only be accessed at the Fort Branch and the Haubstadt libraries through our website.  The great folks at Ancestry are constantly adding new information to help with your research.


Nuwav Legal Documents, easily compose legal documents in categories such as: Business, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Divorce and much more.  For use in the Library and at home using your Library Card Number to log in.