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The Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”), in partnership with the Indiana Business Research Center (“IBRC”), pursuant to IC 5-14-3.9, has recently released an online dashboard for political subdivisions. The dashboard may be found on Gateway. The URL for the Gateway online dashboard is https://gateway.ifionline.org/public/FD/overview.aspx.

The dashboard displays summary information about political subdivisions, including revenues, expenditures, and assessed values. For school corporations, educational performance data is also provided.

Political subdivisions with a website should post a link to the Gateway dashboard to their website. IC 5-14.3.9-5(b) states the following:

(b) A political subdivision shall prominently display on the main Internet web page of the political subdivision’s Internet web site the link provided by the department to the Indiana transparency Internet web site established under IC 5-14-3.7.

Please note that if a political subdivision does not already have a website, it is not required to create one to comply with this statute per IC 5-14-3.9-4.

The Department and IBRC have also designed optional tools that will allow political subdivisions to embed components of the dashboard to their websites. Guidance for embedding the components is posted to the About the Dashboard page. The About the Dashboard page may be found at https://gateway.ifionline.org/public/FD/about.aspx.

Questions about the online dashboard may be directed to the Department’s Gateway support team at Gateway@dlgf.in.gov or (317) 234-4480.