Fees & Fines

Fee and Fines

The board of trustees will set non-resident fees for non-library district residents (persons living in an area not support by a library). This fee is calculated annually by taking the previous year’s expenditures and dividing it by the current population. Only full year subscriptions will be sold. This card will be valid only in the Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library System. This is in accordance with state law.

PLAC stands for Public Library Access Card, IC 36-12-3-2. It is available for any adult patron who wishes to use any other library that does not have a local reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library. Each library location has a complete listing of those libraries that are in the reciprocal borrowing agreement. The patron must purchase this card, which is valid for one year, at the amount set annually by the state. According to IC 36-12-2-25, a PLAC can only be issued to those people who have hometown library cards, whether it is free or a non-resident card purchased at a fee set by individual libraries.

All patrons are expected to pay fines unless otherwise waived by the director. Nonpayment to pay fines could result in the loss of library privileges including use of the computer.

Overdue Notices

The library takes the time to send courteous reminders to its patrons when they have overdue materials. The library will make 3 attempts to contact the patron. The first attempt will be in the form of a phone call with two written notices to follow. If materials have not been returned after that, the patron’s application is ‘red flagged’ in the computer to prevent future items from being checked out.

Overdue fines are charged at the following rates:
a. Books – 5¢ per day;
b. Magazines – 5¢ per day;
c. Audio Books – 5¢ per day;
d. DVDs – $1.00 per day.

Other fees include:
a. Replacement of library card – $1.00 each time;
b. Copies and Computer copy – black and white 20¢ per page, color 40¢ per page; Double-sided black and white- 30¢ per sheet, Color- 60¢ per sheet.
c. Faxing (sending only) – $2.00  (Note: No overseas faxing);
d. Laminating – $1.00 per foot;
e. AccuCut – Free use with own paper, 25¢ per page of library’s paper.


This policy was reviewed and approved on January 13, 2020