Internet Use


The Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library (hereafter named the Library), keeps with its mission to provide a diverse and well-rounded collection and offers Internet connection to the public. Through the Library’s history, it has made information available in a variety of formats.

Rights, Responsibilities and Risks

The use of the computers at the Library is a privilege which requires users to abide by certain rules for the protection of the staff and patrons. As these computers are within the public eye, viewed by all, including children, it is imperative that the rules that govern the use of the computers are followed. If these rules are violated in any way, the user forfeits the right to use the computers. The library will assume that persons signing in to use the computers have read the rules before use. A copy of the rules may be found on the Library’s computer bulletin board, on the Library’s website or with any library personnel.

1. Computer users are required to be civil, courteous, lawful and in good standing with the Library. Abusive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, disrupting the computer system, posting illegal information, and using obscene, demeaning, or threatening language (verbally or electronically) in public or in a private message.
2. The computers are equipped with a filtering software (in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA), which makes it difficult, but not impossible for a child to access inappropriate web sites. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform a child that it is unlawful for him/her to do so. The staff will not be held responsible for a child’s actions and behavior.
3. The Library will not monitor an individual’s use of any sites except when material displayed on the screen is not appropriate in a public, multi-aged environment. As all Internet stations are in view of other patrons and staff, users are not permitted to display nudity, obscenity, or graphic violence. A patron found to be sending or receiving inappropriate materials will be given a verbal warning. After that, the patron will be banned from computer use for a period deemed necessary by the Director. If a minor is involved, their parent/guardian will be notified.
4. Computer users are required to sign the log sheet with first and last names along with starting time before using the Library’s computer and to log out when finished. Patrons signing the log are agreeing to the terms of the computer policy and realize that they will forfeit the right to the use of the computer if they violate any part of it.

5. Patrons will have a 15-minute time limit enforced to complete their use of the computers when someone has notified the desk that they are waiting to use the machines. Some activities are taken into consideration over others when staff asks to give a computer up to someone. Resume writing, reports or research papers are deemed more important than the entertainment use of the computers.
6. The Library does not warrant that the computers will be available all the hours the library is open. Repair and maintenance of the computer system will take precedence over other uses.
7. Users must respect all copyright and licensing agreements pertaining to software, files, or other resources available via the library’s computers.
8. There is a charge of 20¢ per black and white copy and 40¢ per color copy made from computer printers. Double-sided copies will be 30¢ per black and white sheet and 60¢ per color sheet.
9. The Library staff will make reasonable efforts to assist users in their use of the computers and the library’s online card catalog. They do not, however, have the time to provide detailed instruction or to perform detailed searches. It is the user’s responsibility to learn the programs they wish to use.
10. All Online Public Access Computers (OPAC) are designed for card catalog research only and not for any other reason.

This policy was reviewed and approved on January 9, 2017